The Evergreen IM is designed to replace 1075 RPM, direct drive PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) indoor blower motors in any residential or light commercial HVAC system, 5 ton or less of cooling and 150k Btu or less of heating capacity. That includes all fossil fuels, electric heat, A/C, heat pump, dual fuel and geothermal systems. The Evergreen IM is built in two multi-horsepower sizes to replace 1/5 – 1 horsepower PSC motors. Both models are dual voltage (115/230) and dual rotation (CW/CCW). This reduces motor selection and inventory to just two for almost all applications.

  • 1/2Hp, CW/CCW, 115/230 (multi-horse power 1/5-1/2) part # 6005
  • 1Hp, CW/CCW, 115/230 (multi-horse power 1/2-1) part # 6010