Units are prelubricated at the factory and do not require initial lubrication. Relubricating interval depends upon speed, type of bearing and service. Refer to the tables in the Operating and Instruction Manual* provided with motor for suggested regreasing intervals and recommended greases. Operating conditions may dictate more frequent lubrication. Motor must be at rest and electrical controls should be locked open to prevent energizing while motor is being serviced (refer to O&M manual's section on Safety). If motor is being taken out of storage, refer to storage procedures.

To relubricate bearings, remove the drain plug. Inspect grease drain and remove any blockage with a mechanical probe taking care not to damage bearing. Under no circumstances should a mechanical probe be used while the motor is in operation. Remove any and all dirt and debris from grease inlet and add new grease at the grease inlet. New grease must be compatible with grease already in the motor. Refer to the IOM for the grease. Run the motor for 15 to 30 minutes with the drain plug removed to allow purging of any excess grease. Shut off unit and replace the drain plug. Return motor to service. Typical standard grease is Exxon Polyrex EM which is a polyurea type grease. Contact your LEESON Rep for more information if necessary.

Overgreasing can cause excessive bearing temperatures, premature lubricant breakdown and bearing failure. Care should be exercised against overgreasing. Greases of different bases (lithium, polyurea, clay, etc.) may not be compatible when mixed. Mixing such greases can result in reduced lubricant life and premature bearing failure. Prevent such intermixing by disassembling the motor, removing all old grease from bearings and housings (including all grease fill and drain holes). Inspect and replace damaged bearings. Fill bearing housings and bearing approximately 30% full of new grease. Remove any excess grease extending beyond the edges of the bearing races and retainers. Refer to O&M Table 2 for recommended greases.