Yes. Following storage, an extensive inspection must be performed on a motor by one of our authorized service stations. See and/or refer to Regal's Warranty section on the website.

This inspection must include the following elements:
  • Render an external inspection of the motor to assure the unit is clean, ventilation openings are free of obstructions, and no damage has occurred.
  • Perform a megger test of motor windings to insure satisfactory insulation resistance.
  • Rotate the shaft to check for roughness in bearings or interference between rotating and stationary parts.
  • Perform a bench test on the unit to check for excessive amp. draw, noise, or vibration.
  • Re-grease the motor bearings (as applicable) in accordance with the unit’s operating instruction folder.
  • LEESON Electric’s authorized service station must install a plate/tag indicating the date of inspection. This tag will be considered a new factory date code for warranty purposes.
  • Make any corrections which inspection shows to be needed.