Instructions for Requesting Special Run Shipments (Florence / Morehead / Monticello) Contact Logistics for shipment set up via phone. Hotline extension is 606-564-2065 (to be used only for Special Runs).
Follow up request with an email immediately after phone request and include the below: Information Required from Customer Service for Logistics:
1. Sales Order Number
2. Number of shipping pieces (i.e. cartons, pallets, etc)
3. Dimensions of pallet(s)
4. Total Weight
5. Consignee Name, Complete Address, Contact Name, Phone Number, Hours of Operation
6. Required time/date of delivery to consignee
7. Power Transmission Solutions pick-up location
8. Time shipment is ready for pick-up
9. Prepaid and Add freight Logistics will contact carrier with the above information.
Logistics will provide Customer Service requestor with charges when Prepaid and Add. Logistics will provide updates via email as follows:
Note: for inquiries only for cost and delivery purposes, follow the above instructions 2-6. Estimated Weights & Dimensions: Florence - Mike Tobias Morehead - Bitha Risner Monticello - Patti Barr Chino - Contact a CSS / ISS in Chino to set up a shipment from Chino.