Steps in Handling Damaged Shipments Inquiry received through a phone call:
1. Probe and verify information on the shipment. Get the following details: Sales Order #, Carrier, Damaged parts and quantities.
2. Ask the customer if they need a replacement order.
3. Enter a replacement order when needed.
4. Write up a claims request. Claims request should only be for parts and quantities damaged and not listing the entire order.
5. Email the Claims Request Form to Logistics.
6. Put Order Text document M stating: Per (customer), shipment was damaged in transit (Any other additional information from customer) Replacement order entered under SO# XXXXXXX-XX-X Sent claims form to: (Logistics contact) CSR Name.Location.Date.Time Notes:
7. Logistics will contact the carrier. They will be the one to send the claims request form to claims department.
8. CSRs will not see an RA# on the original SO#s Order Text. This is because logistics will not advise the carrier to ship the parts back since they are not in saleable condition anymore.
9. If the credit has been issued, and customers ask why they are billed twice, retrieve the credit memo copy via the Covus Presenter if already available and fax or email it to the customer.